Reliable Wine Cooler Refrigerator Information

reliable wine cooler information

I wanted to give you my opinion of the Kalorik Thermoelectric Dual-Zone Wine Coolerthat I bought a while back.  It is a decent appliance for the money, but since it not an expensive wine cellar type refrigerator you should not expect miracles.

If you demand total silence from your appliance, or you keep your fridge out in a hot garage – then this is not going to be the wine cooler reviews for you.  It will fail to keep your wines as cold as you probably want.

If, however, you will keep this fridge inside in relatively benign conditions – like those found in most apartments or flats, you will find that is easily keeps your wines at whatever temperate you prefer.

At first I was concerned that the thermoelectric cooling system on this beverage cooler would not be up to the task.  At times during the summer my home can hit up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and I thought this might overwhelm this cheap refrigerator.

However, while not staying 100% constant – it did waver a couple of degrees – it did a great job of keeping temperatures relatively level, the Kaloric Thermoelectric Wine Cooler did what I needed of it.

One minor concern is that the fridge is a little noisy.  While I agree that it does make some noise, i don’t find it all troubling.  It doesn’t sound like a running dishwasher or anything like that!

Visually it is very appealing.  To me it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, so I am quiet proud to have it as a cornerstone of my improvised home bar area.  With a capacity of 18 bottles I have plenty of refrigerated space for all the wine I might need.  Serious collectors may want a larger unit – but they also might want to consider more expensive options with fancier features too.

I am very happy with the product myself, and I believe most casual wine drinkers will find it a similarly good value for the price. I hope this wine refrigerator review has been useful to you!

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