Causes and Symptoms of Diarrhea in Cats

Diarrhea in cats can also be characterised as frequent movement of bowel in liquid or loose form.

The main cause of this health condition can range from very simple like change in diet plan to complex like infection or serious illness. Diarrhea can start all of a sudden whereas its duration can be short.

It can occur intermittently or last for long from weeks to months depending on the physical condition of the cat.

In cats single session of diarrhea is generally not considered matter of worry but it can lead to dehydration if persists more than a day or two.

In fact, diarrhea, whether it is in humans or cats, is a natural way to cleanse one’s body automatically. ( check this site )

It helps in getting rid of the irritation provoking and foreign substance in the bowels. Pet owners usually get scared about the sickness of their cats when they notice diarrhea in them as it is not a condition that is experienced regularly.

Cat owners should not worry much if they notice diarrhea is bothering their pets as there are a number of remedies that can help in curing this health problem in cats.

If your cat experiences diarrhea then you should use elimination process to help its system to return to the normal condition. In order to feed her you should consider giving her bland and plain foods like chicken, lamb baby food, turkey or beef.

You can also consider giving her white chicken or fish as they can be good for her digestion in such condition. A mixture of chicken or beef with macaroni, rice or potatoes can also be a good option for your cat in case of diarrhea.

You can also give unflavoured yogurt to your cat during diarrhea as it will help in restoring the amount of bacteria required in her intestines for proper functioning of her digestive system.

But you should avoid giving other typed of dairy products to your cat when she is suffering from diarrhoea as they are not recommended by the vets.

You should immediately go to your vet to know the basic reason and status of the problem if diarrhea persists for more than a day.

You should remember what type of food your cat had eaten recently as the vet may ask you about it to find out probable reasons of the problem.

Causes of diarrhea in cats:

  • Some of the common causes of diarrhoea in cats may include:
  • Sudden change in diet
  • Eating new and unfamiliar foods
  • Eating soiled food and garbage
  • Eating food with synthetic dyes or ingredients
  • Eating foods specifically made for humans
  • Eating inedible items like toys etc.
  • Intolerance for dairy products and other foods
  • Change in activities of the cat
  • Allergic reaction or viral or bacterial infection
  • Internal parasites like coccidia, giardia or roundworms
  • Disease of inflammatory bowel
  • Liver or kidney problem
  • Tumour or cancer in digestive tract
  • Hyperthyroidism caused by benign tumour of thyroid gland
  • Certain medications like antibiotics
  • Inflammation of the colon
  • Stress
  • Failure of the pancreas to secrete right amount of pancreatic enzymes necessary for digesting the food
  • Inflammation of the pancreas
  • Poisoning caused by the ingestion of Zinc, Ibuprofen, uremic etc
  • Bit or stung by insect or spider
  • Anaphylaxis

Symptoms of diarrhea in cats:

While visiting the vet to treat diarrhoea of your cat you should remember the symptoms your cat was showing. Some of these symptoms can be simple whereas some can be complicated.

Simple and common symptoms of diarrhea in cats may include fever, difficulty in walking, worms and vomiting.

Lethargy, increased theist due to dehydration, weight loss, loss of appetite, flatulence, sign of feline distemper and increased urgency of defecating can also be some of the symptoms of diarrhea in cats.

At the same time, there could be other symptoms as well. It is always better to take your cat to a pet doctor, if you find any unusual symptoms. The earlier to treat, the better it would be.

Types of diarrhea in cats:

While visiting the vet you should also focus on the type of the diarrhea of your cat. It can be watery or bloody and at times it can have mucous. Along with it you should also notice the frequency of the defecation.

Your cat may have diarrhea of small intestine if the volume and frequency of defecation increases from normal and more than 2-3 times. Urgency of defecation from normal to mildly increased and without mucus are also symptoms of diarrhoea of small intestine of your cat.

Similarly if volume of defecation decreases from normal and blood and mucus is present in it then it can be the symptom of diarrhea of large intestine of your cat. In this condition frequency of defecation can increase over 5 times with increased urgency.

When to see a veterinarian?

In case of mild diarrhea in cat then you should take care of your cat at your home as it can last less than 24 hours if watched carefully. You should not allow your cat to eat anything at least for 12-24 hours as a precautionary measure to resolve this problem. But you should allow her to drink water during his time to avoid dehydration.

But you should visit your vet immediately if following conditions are observed:

  • Diarrhea contains blood
  • Vomiting also happens
  • Cat has fever
  • Diarrhea is tarry or black in colour
  • The cat is in painful condition either by touch or bending over
  • Lethargic condition of the cat
  • Cat’s gums are pale
  • The age of cat is less than 12 months

Your cat may dehydrate if she has diarrhea even for one day. So you should give her fresh water to drink. In severe condition you can also give her some replacement of electrolytes like Gatorade. In order to prevent dehydration in such condition you can also give Pedialyte to your cat as it is an unflavoured replacement of electrolyte.

You can also use some home remedies to cure diarrhea of your cat if its condition is not of severe nature. But you should not hesitate to visit a vet if you are unable to control it or it does not stop itself after one day. There can be a serious health problem if your cat’s diarrhoea takes more than 24 hours to cure.

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