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Where definition of Shopping is changing as well as definition of employment is changing. Today Amazon has become life saver for so many people. There are so many things to do with Amazon. If one would see Amazon has brought everything at one stop so those who have different taste and choice they would surely get them at one place. Let’s go one decade back when life was not easy when things were so difficult Amazon came and life becomes little bit easy with Amazon.

Amazon is a beautiful station for those who are look for diversity in stuffs and those who cannot go far places. So it became easy for everyone who is looking for such facilities. You cannot imagine what sort of changes Amazon can bring along with itself. If one is going to start their start up. Will you believe? It is there to help even. In every November it launches black Friday so many free domain are available there.

There are domains at reasonable price. So those who are going to start up their business, blogs Amazon could play a role there. So in short what not today’s amazon quiz Amazon has stopped. The role of Amazon is big from creating employment to creating business opportunities. So in total Amazon is a nice way to find out other things as well as. Life can be this much beautiful people never thought of. This change was not overnight change but it was hard work so many decisions in a right direction.  In the shelter of Amazon from business to employment, from shopping to education become possible. Decades ago life was not this much easy ordering at finger tip and getting in 4 or 5 days that stuff. No this was not the case when looking back to the previous days.

So when things have become this much easy now one can play these quiz which is going to take place on 31st may and they are going to change life. Also it is giving people a big opportunity to play this quiz and win some exciting things by answering maximum questions. Play it from 8 AM onwards.

Q. Which country had hosted the first Asian Games?

A. India

Q. Which inventions were done by Thomas Alva Edison?

A. there is some inventions which have been done by Thomas Alva Edison and they are carbon telephone transmitters, phonograph C (Gramophone) and Microphone and Incandescent Lamp.

Q. Which city in the Tamil Nadu has airport?

A.  Triuchirapalli, Chennai, and Maduari

Q.  Which is the Post – harvest folk dance in Assam?

A.  Bihu is famous for post- harvesting.

Q. Who has written the very famous Natya- shastra the Indian Classical dance?

A.   Bharat Muni was the one.

Q.  The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the base of the Emblem of India are taken from?

A. Mundak Upanishad

Q.  Who has composed this popular song ‘sare Jahan se Acha’?

A.  Mohammad Iqbal was the one who has composed this beautiful song. 

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